Conference Theme : ”  

“Global Food Security through  Sustainability in Agriculture & Fisheries  “

Conference Tracks :  Agricultural , Animal Science, Aquaculture,  Fisheries, Horticulture, Veterinary Sciences

The AgriFish2017  examines our current food systems from production to consumption, and the urgent need to transition to long-term sustainability. The conference promotes the study and application of sustainable agriculture for solutions to the complex problems of resource depletion, environmental degradation, a narrowing of agro biodiversity, continued world hunger, climate change, and the loss of farm land. Rather than focus on separate disciplinary components of agriculture, animal sciences and aqua culture. This conference seeks abstracts on an interdisciplinary approach to food production as one process in a complex landscape of agricultural production, conservation, and human interaction under the specific tracks.

Main Sessions of the conference

  • Agricultural Biology
  • Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods
  • Crop Science
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Environmental Changes & Agriculture
  • Soil Science
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agriculture  & Forestry
  • Agriculture and global climate change
  • Agricultural Engineering & Technology
  • Conservation and agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Innovative practices and future projections
  • Landscape agro ecology
  • Organic and bio-dynamic farming
  • Sustainable energy use
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable farm policy
  • Veterinary Sciences

Agricultural track

Animal Science track

Aquaculture track

    Fisheries track                                    

Agricultural engineering & Technology
Agricultural Machinery
Bio process Engineering
Food Engineering
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Agricultural & Information Technology
Emerging technologies in Agriculture and Livestock
Energy in agriculture
Agricultural soil science

  • Agro geology
  • Agrology
  • Agro minerals
  • Agro ecology
  • Agro ecosystem analysis
  • Agro physics
  • Biodiversity
  • Agricultural economics
  • Agrarian systems
  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural extension
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agricultural chemistry
  • Agricultural communication
  • Agricultural policy
  • Agro physics
  • Plant science
  • Crop science
  • Plant pathology
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Horticulture
  • Plant breeding –
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Plant design using conceptual design techniques
  • Seed, fruit & reproductive plant biotechnology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • The future of plant genetic engineering
  • Custom harvesting
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Composting
  • Environmental changes & Agriculture
Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal breeding
Animal nutrition
Environmental constraints to animal agriculture
Food Engineering and biotechnology
Livestock Biotechnology
Animal welfare and health
Livestock Production
Meat and allied industries
Nanotechnology in agriculture
Animal breeding
Fisheries science.
Poultry science
Biological engineering
Genetic engineering
Aquaculture and Bio system
Aquatic Immunology
Genomics in aquaculture
Aquatic Organism’s Byproducts and Their Applications
Aquaculture Related Diseases and Health Management
Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods
Comparative Biology of Aquatic SpeciesZebra Fish : A Biological Model Organism
Diversification in Aquaculture
Fish Habitat
Ecology and Conservation
Population dynamics of fisheries
Shifting baseline
Fish stock
Fish mortality
Condition index
Stock assessment
Fish measurement
Standard weight in fish
Fish counter
Data storage tag
Fisheries acoustics
Acoustic tag
Coded wire tag
GIS and aquatic science
Pop-up satellite archival tag
Age class structure
Trophic level
Trophic cascades
Match/mismatch hypothesis
Fisheries and climate change
Marine biology
Aquatic ecosystems
Census of Marine Life
Fisheries databases
Ocean fisheries
Diversity of fish
Coastal fish
Coral reef fish
Demersal fish
Forage fish
Pelagic fish
Cod fisheries
Crab fisheries
Eel fisheries
Krill fisheries
Kelp fisheries
Lobster fisheries
Shrimp fishery
Eel ladder
Fish ladder
Fish screen
Salmon run
Shoaling and schooling
Marine habitats
Marine snow
Water column
Humboldt current

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