AgriFish2018 Theme “Global Food Security through  Sustainability in Agriculture & Fisheries”


A) Agricultural engineering & Technology

Agricultural Machinery, Bio process Engineering ,Food Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Agricultural & Information Technology,Emerging technologies in Agriculture and Livestock,Energy in agriculture

B) Agricultural soil science

Agro geology, Agrology, Agro minerals, Agro ecology, Agro ecosystem analysis, Agro physics,Biodiversity,Climate change and agriculture, Composting

C) Agricultural economics

Agrarian system , Agribusiness, Agricultural extension, Agricultural Marketing, Custom harvesting

D) Plant Science

Crop science,Plant pathology,Forestry,Horticulture,Plant breeding, Horticulture,Plant biotechnology,Plant design using conceptual design techniques,Seed, fruit & reproductive plant biotechnology,Sustainable Agriculture,The future of plant genetic engineering

E) Agricultural chemistry ,Agricultural communication, Agricultural policy, Agro physics


Aquatic Resources, Environment Management,  Aquatic Toxicology and Monitoring,  Fish Biology, Fish Immunology, Fish Physiology, Fish Pathology,  Fish Diseases and Fish Nutrition, Health Management , Biotechnology and Genetics in Fisheries,  Pedigree, Fish Breeding Freshwater and Marine Fisheries, Crustaceans,  Fish Population Dynamics, Fisheries Governance,  Fish Processing, Recreational Fishing Aqua, Marine Economy,  Alien Species Management,  Sustainable Fisheries


Animal breeding, Animal nutrition, Fisheries science, Environmental constraints to animal agriculture, Food Engineering and biotechnology, Livestock Biotechnology, Animal welfare and health, Livestock Production,Meat and allied industries
Nanotechnology in agriculture, Animal breeding, Fisheries science, Poultry science, Aquaculture,Biological engineering ,Genetic engineering, Microbiology, Agronomy


Aquatic Immunology, Genomics in aquaculture, Aquatic Organism’s Byproducts and Their Applications, Aquaculture Related Diseases and Health Management, Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods, Comparative Biology of Aquatic Species, Zebra Fish : A Biological Model Organism, Diversification in Aquaculture, Fish Habitat Ecology and Conservation,Molluscs and Aquatic Plants,  Impacts of Aquaculture and Environment, Risk Assessment and Watershed Management,Aquaculture Legislation and Policies


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